Fire Department

    Live Oak Fire Department is focused on "READINESS". When residents, business occupants or visitors call for the fire department, it usually means somebody's day is not going as planned. We are working hard to anticipate the types of things that might overwhelm normalcy and put in place Equipment, Training and Manpower to respond and rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

    A message from Fire Chief Linc Surber:

    We are working to establish and strengthen relationships with partner agencies that bring specialized equipment, training and resources into our response solution options. We embrace the "Pit Crew" mentality, where multiple technical operations are being carried out simultaneously to lessen property damage and maintain the highest possible quality of life for those involved in these events.

    Today's emphasis on residential smoke detectors, business and commercial residential inspections and modern building code enforcement help keep structure fires and loss of life to a minimum.

    We have a free smoke detector program for residents of Live Oak so every home should have smoke detectors in and outside each sleeping area and on each level of the home. If you would like to have us check your smoke detector's operation and age (replace at 10 years of age) or have a need for additional smoke detectors to protect each sleeping area, please call me at 210-653-9140, extension 2379.

    Thanks for checking out our web pages.

    Linc Surber, Fire Chief

      Community Assistance

      The Fire Department provides several Community Assistance Programs.

      • Fire Prevention Classes
      • Residential Inspections
      • Residential Smoke Detector Cleaning and Testing
      • Educational Classes For Children Attending Live Oak Elementary Schools
      • Annual Fire Inspections For Commercial Structures

      The following is a brief description of each of the Department sponsored programs:

      Fire Extinguisher Checks:

      The Fire Department is able to assist our community members in determining whether fire extinguishers are useable. Please call to set up an appointment at 210/653-9140 ext. 2379

      Food Assistance Program:

      This program is designed to help members of the community who are in need of holiday meals. Donations will be accepted at the Live Oak Fire Station starting November 1, 2021. All donations are greatly appreciated.

      Residential Knox Box:

      For anyone who is concerned about not being able to escape your home in an emergency or not being able to get to the door during an emergency to let paramedics or firefighters in is encouraged to consider a Knox Box for their home. This solid steel box is mounted on the outside of your home within close proximity to the main entry door and secures your individual key to allow access into your home. Only the fire department has a key to open this box and this will allow them to gain entry into your home during an emergency without causing any damage to your home.

      Please visit the Live Oak Fire Station at the Development Services window to pick up an application or call 210-653-9140 ext. 2241 or 2379 if you have questions. We also have samples of residential and commercial Know Boxes at this location for demonstration.

      Smoke Detector Check - Fire Safety Survey:

      The Fire Department is available to assist, upon request, the residents of Live Oak with a ‘Smoke Detector Check’. If the smoke detector is not functioning properly, new batteries will be installed. Thanks to our partners at Red Cross, the Fire Department is able to replace a non-working smoke detector, as well as provide new detectors for those residences that do not have one. Along with the ‘Smoke Detector Check’, the Fire Department will also conduct a complimentary ‘Fire Safety Survey’, which allows us to properly inform you about Fire Safety in your home. To make an appointment, please contact the Live Oak Fire Department by calling 210-653-9140, ext. 2379 or email

        Community Events

        Fire Prevention Week

        Fire prevention week is designated as the Sunday - Saturday in which October 9th will fall. Fire Prevention Day is always recognized on October 9th. Fire Prevention is very special to Live Oak Fire Department. It is a time where the firefighters get to reach out and speak with the children in schools on the importance of fire prevention.

        Fire Department Tours

        Live Oak City Fire Department enjoys sharing our facility and a little bit of history with our community. We will conduct tours, during our business hours 8:00 to 5:00, of our fire station. We believe it is important to inform our citizens about Fire Safety and to be pro-active with our community. Whether you have little ones or adults we would be happy to meet you and show you around your local fire station. If you haven’t experienced the hospitality of our Fire Chiefs and Firefighters please feel free to call 210-653-9140 ext. 2379 for an appointment today.

        Fire Department Tours

        Food Basket Campaign

        Every year The Live Oak Fire Department sponsors a Holiday Food Basket for citizens of Live Oak that might need a helping hand for the holidays. All recipients will remain anonymous. If you know a family in need of this service please contact Rafael Luna, Fire Inspector at or 210-653-9140 ext. 2379. A letter will be sent out to confirm that the family would indeed like to receive the food basket. We would like to thank all those who so generously donated each year. Donations are accepted starting November 1st

        Food Basket Campaign

        File of Life

        File of Live

        The Live Oak Fire Department is now handing out File of Life magnets for your home. The File of Life is a bright red magnet, easily spotted by first responders, that contains a lot of useful and valuable information. Information includes Emergency Contacts, Medical History, Medications, Allergies, Insurance Information, Preferred Hospital, and Primary Care Doctor Information. A lot of information is needed to effectively treat a patient, and when the situation is stressful, some of this information can be relayed incorrectly. Having the File of Life allows you to produce this vital information correctly and without delay. Feel free to stop by the Fire Department to pick one up.

          Fire Prevention and Safety Tips

          CO Safety Fact Sheet

          CO Safety Fact Sheet

          Escape Planning Fact Sheet

          Battery Safety Fact Sheet

          Electrical Safety Fact Sheet

          RV Safety Fact Sheet

          Candle Safety Fact Sheet

          Space Heater Safety Fact Sheet

          Cooking Safety Fact Sheet

          For these and more safety tips, visit NFPA.

            Wildfire Hazards

            The City of Live Oak prohibits outdoor burning of any kind. For any information regarding the burn ban in Bexar County, visit


            The City of Live Oak prohibits the use of any and all fireworks. Please visit one of the many safe zones located in Bexar County to discharge fireworks. For more information on this ordinance, please visit

            Minimize the Potential for Starting a Wildfire

            Utilizing common sense is always the best defense to ensure that you are not the cause of a wildfire. Pay attention to the following list of items which you might not typically think of while going through your daily activities:

            • Be aware that any spark can cause a wildfire.
              • Ensure there are no dragging chains when using a hitch. Dragging hitch chains often spark and can lead to a grass fire which quickly becomes uncontrollable.
              • Use caution when welding or grinding. Have a spotter watch for sparks.
              • Check bearings frequently on landscape/agricultural equipment and stop use if the equipement becomes too warm.
              • Remove loose grass/hay from around rollers - the friction can build up heat and start a fire.
            • Follow all governmental laws regarding fireworks.
              • Only use fireworks outdoors and away from dry grass and buildings.
              • Read labels and use only as directed and with adult supervision
              • Allow fireworks to cool completely before handling and discard used fireworks intoa bucket of water.
            • Use caution when your activity occurs within an area with dry vegetation. For example, you park your vehicle within a farm field when attending a festival.
            • Keep a fire extinguisher or water sprayer nearby in case a fire breaks out.
            • Wet down your work area.
            • Reconsider your activities when it is a windy day.

            Wildfire Education

            The following PDF documents are available for download under “Forms and Reports”, at right:

            • Be Firewise Around Your Home: This document provides helpful guidelines for landscaping your property and utilizing construction materials which help minimize the risk of fire spreading to your home.
            • Firewise Guide to Landscape and Construction: The primary goal for Firewise landscaping is fuel reduction - limiting the level of flammable vegetation and construction materials surrounding the home and increasing the moisture content of remaining vegetation.
            • Outdoor Activites and Wildfires: Offers tips to ensure your outdoor activities don't cause wildfires.
            • Don't Drive into Smoke on the Road: Provides helpful information to ensure you don'tmistakenly drive into a wildfire.
            • Ready, Set, Go! Your Personal Wildfire Action Plan: One document which incorporates helpful hints on how to landscape your property and construct your home to minimize the spread of a nearby fire to your property. This document also provides information on what to do if your home is threatened by fireand how to develop an evacuation plan.

            Wildfire Educational Websites

            The following websites provide educational information regarding wildfires. Within these websites, you will be able to find wildfire forecast maps (updated daily), methods regarding how to help protect your home and family as well asevacuation procedures.

            Fire Ready Logo


            Fire Ready provide slow impact techniques reduce your risk to wildfire while maintaining natural beauty and privacy screening.

            Firewise Communities Logo


            To save lives and property from wildfire, NFPA's Firewise Communities program teaches people how to adapt to living with wildfire and encourages neighbors to work together and take action now to prevent losses.

            Separtment of Public Safety

            Texas Department of Public Safety

            Provides information regarding wildfire safety. This website offers video of a firestorm as well as several PDF documents which offer wildfire safety tips.

            Texas Forest Service

            Texas Forest Service

            Texas Forest Service provides weather, hydrologic and climate forecasts and warnings. Visit this website for the latestinformation regardingfire danger and advisories.

              Fire Department Equipment

              Engine 160

              Engine 160

              Engine 160 operates as the first out engine to all fire related incidents in the City of Live Oak. Engine 160 is a 2018 Ferrara Rescue Pumper, placed on a custom chassis. Engine 160 has a 750 gallon capacity water tank, and a pump capable of flowing 1,500 gallons per minute. Engine 160 carries over 1,000 feet of supply line, 700 feet of pre-connected attack line, and 150 feet of attack line for high rise buildings. Engine 160 also has a Class A foam system, including a 30 gallon foam tank. Engine 160 is outfitted with top-notch equipment for vehicle extrication, hazmat situations, and rope rescue.

              Engine 160C

              Engine 160C is a 2002 Pierce Sabre. Engine 160C has a 500 gallon capacity water tank, and a pump capable of flowing 1,250 gallons per minute. 160C is equipped with a cardiac monitor and medical equipment, as it is the first unit to respond to medical calls in the city. 160C will also be the second in unit to respond to fire related incidents in the city. 160C is outfitted with equipment needed for extrication, as well as all necessary fire related tools and equipment.

              Ladder 160

              2003 Pierce Dash quint constructed on a custom chassis. Features of Ladder 3 include a 2000 gallon per minute pump and 100 foot Sky Arm ladder with a platform and is capable of articulating (rotating) 20 feet. It is designed to lay a single five (5) inch supply line from the fire hydrant to the scene of the fire while carrying a crew of five (5) firefighters. Ladder 3 is designed to perform emergency rescue from multi-floor occupancies and can be used to control fires which require large flow appliances.

              Command 160

              Booster 160

              Booster 160 is a 2016 Chevrolet 2500 HD with a skid unit mounted in the bed. The skid unit is comprised of a 200 gallon capacity water tank and a Honda water pump. Booster 160 is used to fight grass fires in the city. Booster 160 can also be utilized to access places that a normal pumper might not be able access, where fire suppression is needed.

              Command 160

              Command 160 is a 2012 Ford F-350 outfitted with a Frazer Recue Body. Command 160 is utilized by the shift officer as a Command unit. Equipment needed to set up a command post at an incident, such as an accountability board and laptop with firefighter tracking technology, is located on this unit. Command 160 also carries other tools and equipment to supplement fire ground operations.

              Engine 160B

              Engine 160B is a 1998 Pierce Sabre. This unit operates as a reserve engine, responding to other cities as a mutual aid unit. Engine 160B has a 500 gallon capacity water tank, and a pump capable of flowing 1,500 gallons per minute. Engine 160B is equipped with all the essential tools and equipment needed for firefighting operations.

                Fire Inspector


                Physical Address

                8001 Shin Oak Dr
                Live Oak, TX 78233

                Fire Inspector

                Rafael Luna
                210-653-9140 ext. 2379


                Need a Fire Inspection for a business, please call Rafael Luna at (210) 653-9140 x 2379.

                All fire inspection’s must be scheduled through the Fire Inspector.

                To report a Yellow Tag/Red Tag please email Rafael Luna at or call 210-653-9140 ext. 2379

                FIRE WATCH: What does it mean?

                Fire watch is a temporary measure intended to ensure continuous and systematic surveillance of a building or portions thereof by one or more qualified individuals for the purpose of identifying and controlling fire hazards, detecting early signs of unwanted fire, arising an alarm of fire, and notifying the fire department. Qualified individuals are defined as State Certified Fire Inspectors assigned to the Fire Prevention Division of the City of Live Oak, or, if approved by the Fire Marshal, Texas Certified Firefighters, Peace Officers, individuals employed by a private security firm, or other designated individual whose sole duty when assigned a fire watch is to perform constant patrols of the premise and keep watch for signs of unwanted fire. A written attendance log mush be maintained, and personnel must have at least one approved means of notifying the fire department of fire or emergencies.

                Fire Administration
                8001 Shin Oak Drive
                Live Oak, TX 78233-2413

                Hours of Operation:
                Monday - Friday | 8am - 5pm
                Closed | Saturday, Sunday, and Major Holidays

                Phone: 210-653-9140 x2241
                FAX: 210-657-7930