Foster a Pet

    What is a Foster Home?

    A foster home is somebody that temporarily opens their home to an animal in a shelter. A foster parent provides a safe and calm environment for the animal(s) in which they can be socialized and/or recover from their previous situation. A foster family also helps market their foster(s) to help them get adopted. Without a foster program, Live Oak is unable to pull as many animals.

    What can I Expect when I Foster an Animal?

    A foster family may keep their foster animal for up to 12 weeks. If, by that time, the animal has not been adopted, the foster will return the animal to the shelter. You must adhere to all polices and protocols. Live Oak will take care of all medical experiences, including spay and neuter. You are required to provide a safe and loving home, food, and socialization. The rewards of fostering are abundant and great. Not only do you get to experience the wonderful companionship an animal brings, but you get to help an animal who, without you, may not have had a chance. You may also be helping an animal that is recovering from an injury or illness, the loss of an owner/home and the trauma that brings, or help them become more adoptable by helping them with behavioral and socialization issues.

    Special Foster Programs

    At this time, we are in need of fosters that have experience working with behavioral issues such as fear, anxiety, socialization, and basic training for dogs.

    Occasionally, we are in need of fosters to help animals that have sustained injuries. Fostering one of these things may entail frequent trips to the clinic, changing bandages, or physical therapy.

    Typically, the months between March and October are known as kitten and puppy season. During this time, there are many pregnant and nursing moms that need a safe and quiet place to raise their babies. There is also an influx of orphaned kittens and puppies that need somebody to nurse them every couple of hours and help them reach an adoptable age. This is a big commitment with an enormous amount of reward.

    Responsibilities of Being a Foster

    • Provide a safe, clean, loving home
    • Provide food, water, socialization, toys, enrichment
    • Monitor any medical and/or behavioral issues
    • Provide exercise as appropriate
    • Transportation to and from vet appointments