Code of Ethics

    We abide by the Code of Ethics established by the American Institute of Certified Planners. We are a member of the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association. For more information about the American Planning Association, please visit their site here.

    Planning and Zoning Commission

    As a Planning and Zoning Commissioner, I hereby pledge to maintain ethical standards by ensuring that all issues brought before me are properly aired without undue influence or impropriety in fact or appearance. I shall also strive to ensure that my decisions will promote the entire community’s best interests over the long term. In so doing, I will always endeavor to:

    1. Serve the public interest by:
      1. Recognizing the rights of citizens to participate in planning decisions by expanding the choice and opportunity for all persons.
      2. Giving all citizens full, clear and accurate information.
      3. Assisting in the clarification of community goals.
      4. Ensuring that information available to decision makers is also available to the public, as appropriate.
      5. Protecting the natural and the built environment.
      6. Paying special attention to the interrelatedness of decisions and the long range consequences of present actions.
      7. Strive to achieve high standards of integrity and proficiency by:
        • Exercising fair, independent and honest judgment.
        • Publicly disclosing any personal interests in a matter being brought before the Commission.
        • Define any personal interest broadly.
        • Abstaining from participation in a matter in which I have a personal interest as defined in the Municipal Charter, Code of Ordinances, Chapter 171 of the Texas Local Government Code or to a higher standard as determined by my own personal values.
        • Seeking no gifts or favors.
        • Not using confidential information to further a personal interest.
        • Not disclosing confidential information.
        • Not misrepresenting facts or distorting information.
        • Not participating in any matter unless prepared.
        • Respecting the rights of all persons.