Fire Department

    Live Oak Fire Department is focused on "READINESS". When residents, business occupants or visitors call for the fire department, it usually means somebody's day is not going as planned. We are working hard to anticipate the types of things that might overwhelm normalcy and put in place Equipment, Training and Manpower to respond and rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

    A message from Fire Chief Linc Surber:

    We are working to establish and strengthen relationships with partner agencies that bring specialized equipment, training and resources into our response solution options. We embrace the "Pit Crew" mentality, where multiple technical operations are being carried out simultaneously to lessen property damage and maintain the highest possible quality of life for those involved in these events.

    Today's emphasis on residential smoke detectors, business and commercial residential inspections and modern building code enforcement help keep structure fires and loss of life to a minimum.

    We have a free smoke detector program for residents of Live Oak so every home should have smoke detectors in and outside each sleeping area and on each level of the home. If you would like to have us check your smoke detector's operation and age (replace at 10 years of age) or have a need for additional smoke detectors to protect each sleeping area, please call me at 210-653-9140, extension 2379.

    Thanks for checking out our web pages.

    Linc Surber, Fire Chief