Contractor Registration

    According to Live Oak Ordinance No. #1416, Chapter 5 Sec. 251, all contractors are required to have current registration with the City of Live Oak, Texas prior to the issuance of any building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical or other type of permit(s). The general contractor of the job site shall be responsible for ensuring that the license is displayed in the job site trailer or other approved location. At a minimum, a black and white copy of the license must be produced immediately upon request by any City of Live Oak official or resident.

    A list of Registered Contractors is available for download. This list is updated on an annual basis for public access. In addition, you may contact Development Services and inquire whether a contractor holds a current registration.

    City of Live Oak Contractor's Registration License

    Licenses are issued for the current year beginning February 1 and are valid for one year. The City mails out reminder letters at the beginning of January prior to the expiration date. Licenses that are not renewed within thirty (30) days of February are void and may only be renewed in accordance with city and state law.

    In order to obtain a Contractor's License, the following items must be submitted:

    1. Contractor's License Application (available for download under "Permits and Inspections")
    2. Provide a copy of every current State of Texas license held by your employees and your company.
    3. Provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance indicating a minimum General Liability coverage of $300,000 or a bond of $100,000 for house or structure movers. Roofers bond must be a minimum of $20,000.
    4. Backflow Testers must provide current State of Texas license and current test gauge kit certifications.
    5. Registration fees:
      1. Initial registration fee - $100.00
      2. Yearly renewal fee - $75.00
      3. Fees are prorated as year progresses

    Please note: State Legislation exempts the following trades from paying registration fees; however, EVERY trade will be required to complete and return the Contractors License Application, provide license(s) and insurance renewals:

    1. Plumbing Contractors - (Senate Bill 1354, Eff. 09-01-09)
    2. Fire Alarm/Sprinkler Contractors
    3. Electrical Contractors

    Penalty for Violation

    The fine for violation of any provision of this section shall be up to two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) per violation, with each day that the violation continues being a separate violation. The enforcement of this section shall be enforced by the building official or his designated representatives, the fire marshal, or any certified code compliance officer or police officer in accordance with the enforcement provisions.