Assistant City Manager

    The Assistant City Manager is responsible for assisting with the day-to-day management of the city.

    Some of his duties include:

    • Answering citizen complaints and concerns
    • Assisting with Economic Development activities within the city and region
    • Administering the Code Enforcement Program
    • Administering the Planning and Zoning activities of the City
    • Administering the Board of Adjustment activities of the City
    • Coordinating projects with the City Engineer
    • Provides information to the City Attorney regarding issues concerning the City
    • Assists with the major projects and long term contracts regarding city services and service provision
    • Attends all Planning and Zoning, Board of Adjustment, and Economic Development Committee meetings
    • Administers the City’s Comprehensive Plan
    • Administering the Municipal Court

    Assistant City Manager
    Mr. Michael Hornes - (210) 653.9140 ext. 2286

    All city offices use one address:
    City of Live Oak
    8001 Shin Oak Drive
    Live Oak, TX 78233